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4 Man Zelts

The Zeltbahn was a very flexible use device. Each soldier was issued one Zelt pannel, 1 zelt rope, two zelt stakes, and one section of the pole. The Zelt could be worn as a poncho, made into a stretcher, used as a flotation device, and many other things. One soldier's Zelt could be combined with one or more other soldiers to create tents and other shelters.  

The most common configuration of these was the 4 man pyramid tent. In order to fit four men into this structure, you would have had to be quite cozy. This type of tent was used commonly and a helmet was often placed over the top of the pyramid. These were often built over holes in the ground to provide additional space or sometimes they were even made with log or board walls. Those structures will be in additional posts. 

These photographs were taken from a number of books,  online sources, and auction sites.  They are presented here for educational purposes.  

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