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Non-Political Statement/Disclaimer:

The German 353.Infanterie division is a World War II Historical Reenacting unit. Our members portray the common German Infantry soldiers and associated support personal. Our goal is to promote awareness and understanding on the part of the public. These elements being the world history from 1939-1945; specifically the military history of WWII, through the staging of public educational exhibitions, lectures, displays, and reenactments of typical battles fought between the Allied and Axis forces in WWII. We are not a para-military organization and/or associated with any such organization(s). We are affiliated with, and our members belong to the World War II Historical Reenactment Society, Inc.


This site, although non-political, does contain Third Reich images and symbols which may offend some viewers. If you are easily offended by images of WWII German soldiers and/or symbols associated with the Third Reich, you should leave this site now. The use and display of the WWII German National Emblem (Swastika) and/or other insignia is done as part of the accurate historical portrayal of the German Soldat of the period and is in no way meant to glorify National Socialism or any of its outgrowths.

The 353rd is strictly a non-political organization. The 353rd and its members are in no way affiliated with any real, radical political organizations (i.e., KKK, Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, etc.), nor do we represent, embrace or advocate, the philosophies and or political goals of any radical, political, fascist, racist, anti-Semitic organizations and/or individuals and/or any supremacist doctrine. We are not Nazis! The 353rd and its members have no affiliations with either the hate groups of today or the political ideologies of Germany from 1933 to 1945 (NSDAP/Nazi Party). We do not condone any activities that may be construed as exemplifying the Nazi regime within the framework of Nazi Party politics, nor do we tolerate any activities that may be construed as Pro-Nazi ideology. If you are looking for such activities or support such organizations you are not welcome here. Look elsewhere, we have no place for you.



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