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Drill and maneuver related:


LAH Drill 1- Complete LAH Drill  -


German Infantry Drill  -


WW2 German infantry tactics  -


German Squad Tactics in World War 2  -

German WWII Weapons & Tactics  -


Equipment related:

Basic Infantry gear configuration:  -

A frame set-up and configuration  -

How to setup and wear German WWII field gear  -

Cleaning Your Reenacting Gear (Civil war but useful)  -


Weapon Related : K98 Basics

K98 Basics  -

K98 Cleaning and Disassembly  -

WW2 German Army Panzerfaust  -

WW2 German Army Panzerschreck  -

WW2 German Army Rifle Grenade  -

WW2 German Army Tellermines  -

WW2 German MG42 Machine Gun Demonstration  -

German Gewehr 43 Rifle WW2 Weapons Demo  -

German Army Machine Guns  -


Uniform Related:

HBT (Herringbone Twill) or Wool and why.. -

Tutorial - How to Sew WWII German Litzen

Tutorial - How To Sew WWII German BeVo Breast Eagles -

The wehrmacht uniform review - Instructions to dress -

German WWII Cold Weather Gear -


Zeltbahn related:

German WWII Zeltbahn Setup

Zeltbahn Fold And Roll Technique

Zelt Setup


Reenacting Related:

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How Harmful Is A Blank Bullet?

Reenacting Help: Buy Once, Buy Right

WWII Reenactment: Historically correct, but smart.

WWII Reenacting: How to take "your hit"

WWII Reenacting: Politics & Drama

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