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New German Reenactor supply links:


Shops for Uniforms and gear:

  • Schuster’s: (Belarusia--Excellent Quality, high shipping, slow delivery, custom sizing available, one stop shop)

  • Hessen Antique: (One stop shop, good quality, decent prices, good customer service) One note The M43 cap from Hessen is not allowed for members of 353.ID. It is strangely constructed. 

  • Gavin Militaria: (Hong Kong-- slow delivery, high shipping, poor communication, good quality, custom sizing available)

  • Man The Line: (Good quality, one stop shop, good prices, reputation for poor communication, reputation for not delivering, purchasing from ebay site ensures you get your items)


If you need a custom uniform because of your size then you have more limited options.  

I recommend Vijay Singh

104/435 P. Road, Kanpur
Uttar Pradesh - 208012

Contact Number: (+91) 933 604 9451

and E-mail address is the same for the Skype and Paypal

He did a very nice job for one of our members and charged $250 including shipping for a custom trousers, shirt and feldbluse. His turnaround time was very quick as well.






These sites we do not recommend unless you are looking for something very specific and have assistance from your new member coordinator. Some have excellent items but are located overseas with high shipping costs or delivery times. Some have poor reputations for delivery. Some have a mix of really good and very poor quality items for sale, and some just have junk. Without support, you may waste your money.,781

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