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The German army had many men in support roles such as tailors (Schneider), Cobblers (Schuster), Leatherworkers (Sattler), Blacksmiths (Feldschmied), armorers (Waffenmeister), and other types of repairmen to fix the things that broke as a result of hard use or battle damage. One of the most important was the role of the Schuster. Every company had at least a Schnider and a Schuster and they were typically working together not far from the troops.  They even shared a common toolbox. Not all companies had other repairmen available and repair work may have had to be sent back to the company trains or repair depots. Schusters are easy to spot in photographs based on two things; the presence of an iron last and many boots nearby, or the proximity to a Schneider. These men replaced hobnails and half soles, Stitched up failed seams and generally made boots serviceable again. In companies where a Sattler was not present the Schuster seems to have filled this role as well by doing general leather repairs.

These photographs were taken from a number of online sources and auction sites.  They are presented here for educational purposes.  

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