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Eating Food

German soldiers ate wherever they were. They carried with them the tools with which to eat as part of their everyday kit. Most German soldiers ​ate their daily food in their mess kit or Kochgeschirr 31. These kits consisted of two parts and were issued to every soldier. Most were made from aluminum though enameled steel was employed later in the war as aluminum became more scarce. They also were issued a folding fork and spoon combination device know as a Göffel and colloquially referred to as a spork. 

Food quality for soldiers varied quite a bit depending on the skill of the cook and the available food supplies. Veteran accounts range the whole way from describing the food as inedible and rancid to glowing about the quality of the traditional German cuisine they received every day. It all depended on where they were and their individual tastes. Many soldiers also acquired a knife such as a table knife, kitchen knife, or pocket knife to supplement their mess kit.  

These photographs were taken from a number of online sources and auction sites.  They are presented here for educational purposes. For more information please check out the Warfare History  Network or Der Erste Zug. 

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