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I know this topic is burning in your curiosity. How did German soldiers go to the bathroom. There are a surprising number of photos of German soldaten doing their duty (Hee Hee, I said Doodie) Here is a selection of these images. You will notice outhouses, as well as rails over slit trenches being most common.

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Commanders of 353.Inf.Div

20. November 1943-- Generalleutnant Paul Mahlmann July 1944-- Generalleutnant Erich Müller August 1944 --Oberst Thieme August 1944-- Generalleutnant Paul Mahlmann 15. February 1945-- Oberst Kurt Humme

Weapons of the 353-- January 1, 1944

This is the list of the firearms that the 353 was issued at the very beginning. I have translated the original document into English and have presented the most likely weapon being described as well a


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