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Y Straps--Koppeltragegestell für Infanterie

Beginning in 1941 the issue if the Y strap or Koppeltragegestell für Infanterie began to be widespresd. These were used to supplement the internal suspenders and belt hooks on the tunic. These suspenders were designed to support the belt and all of the heavy equipment the soldiers were intended to carry with them. Additionally, they provided an anchor point and suspension system for the tornister or rucksack. Typically these Y straps were worn over the tunic and easily put on and taken off. On a less common basis, these Y straps were worn through the shoulder boards in a way that helps keep them from slipping off the shoulders. In addition, it would allow the gear and the tunic to be removed and put on as a single unit. It is y straps worn in this manner that we present here in this gallery. 

These photographs were taken from a number of online sources and auction sites.  They are presented here for educational purposes.  

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