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Zelts Over Holes

The Zeltbahn was a very flexible use device. Each soldier was issued one Zelt pannel, 1 zelt rope, two zelt stakes, and one section of the pole. The Zelt could be worn as a poncho, made into a stretcher, used as a flotation device, and many other things. One soldier's Zelt could be combined with one or more other soldiers to create tents and other shelters.  

In some circumstances, Zelts were set up at a place and time where soldiers could improve their position for safety and comfort. One of the best ways to increase both the headroom and the useable footprint of the zelt is to place it over a fox hole or other dug in space. The dug hole may have been left raw earth or may have been improved and reinforced with board or log walls. Some of these holes were quite deep wherein the soldier could stand upright while others were only a few inches deep. In some instances, the reinforced wall may have continued above ground level to increase the overall height. By digging in there was the obvious comfort benefit but also an additional element of protection. 

These photographs were taken from a number of books,  online sources, and auction sites.  They are presented here for educational purposes.  

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